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Muzayin Nazaruddin

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I’m Muzayin Nazaruddin, a lecturer at the Department of Communication Science, Islamic University of Indonesia (Universitas Islam Indonesia). Besides, I also join as field officer and researcher at Masyarakat Peduli Media (MPM), a civil society organization, concern in media literacy movements, based in Yogyakarta. I live in Sleman, Yogyakarta, Indonesia.

Now I’m still studying at the Master Program of Semiotics, University of Tartu, Tartu, Estonia. My main academic and research interests are Semiotics and Discourse, Qualitative Approaches, Audience Studies, Media Literacy, Television Studies, Alternative Media Studies, and Urban Culture Studies. In social activities, I actively become field officer, facilitator or resource person in various community development programs, especially in the field of indigenous media, media literacy and alternative media. For example, since 2010, I have been joining as reporter and editor in Jalin Merapi, a social movement for information management of disaster mitigation and response of Merapi volcano.  As writer, I have published some books, academic journal articles, conference papers, and newspaper articles.

This blog is dedicated  to discussing and debating about media and popular culture in a broad sense, particularly in the Indonesian context. The blog also contains my lecture materials, daily notes, travel notes, poems, which I can share to public.

You can write  critical comments  on existing posts, follow the blog with your email, or quoting its contents by stating the source, in accordance with the rules of citation. For example: Nazaruddin, Muzayin. “Title of Article”. https://medianarratives.wordpress.com+URL. date of access.

You also could contact me via email: zayinkomunikasi@yahoo.co.id, or visit my Facebook.

Thanks for visiting and commenting!


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